Civil Litigation

The relevant department of our Firm, evaluates and advises clients on disputes arising from business-wise, employment, tort-related and personal matters. Such issues may be dealt with, either through Court proceedings, or preferably through Alternative Dispute Resolution. In any case, our lawyers are always prepared to provide immediate and efficient advice, as to every step, upon an extensive range of litigation matters. Where a case takes the Court-route, we prioritise our client’s best interests by performing the best possible representation, whilst aiming to achieve a speedy and positive solution.

Understanding how to prepare your case, the steps and procedures involved, as well as how to leverage your negotiating position, requires the advice of a skilled, experienced advocate. Our well-experienced litigators provide their greatest effort to help the client understand thoroughly their options, as well as to advise them in a way that secures the best possible outcome, providing the most suitable approach to their issues. The latter is applicable in every case, regardless of the size and worth of the claim.

We have extensive expertise in advising corporate clients as well as private individuals, within Cyprus and abroad. Our excellent reputation is built upon our proficiency in litigation and meticulous preparation in every case. We are here to provide that skill and experience, and help you protect your personal and financial interests. We build long term relationships with our clients by being trustworthy, open and fair.

Covered areas: landlord–tenant issues, debts, breach of contract, business or property disputes, labour disputes, injunctive relief cases such as ex-parte applications for freezing injunctions, receivership and disclosure orders, bankruptcy and insolvency, mediation, loan and dept restructuring, medical negligence claims and malpractice, torts, accidents, fraud and asset tracing, obtaining interim orders, enforcement etc.


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