Pelecanos & Pelecanou LLC has a wealth of experience and a long history of successful involvement in high profile and complex extradition cases. Whether facing a request for Mutual Legal Assistance (MLA), European Arrest Warrant (EAW), an extradition request, investigation or prosecution for an offence (i.e. business crime, fraud, corruption, murder, drugs trafficking, robbery, etc.) occurring overseas, our dedicated lawyers possess renowned experience to represent you. In innumerable instances, our office has been asked to advise and represent foreign individuals in police investigations and laisse with the relevant embassies where necessary. When an extradition request is made, we use our best endeavours to proactively defend our clients by thoroughly inspecting the technical, statutory and human rights considerations. We are able to either negotiate with the authorities to avoid extradition proceedings completely or to obtain a more favourable outcome if a person is extradited.

Over the years we had the opportunity to assist other legal offices overseas to deal with extradition proceedings, giving us the prospect of forming and building trustworthy relationships with them. Our extensive key network and unrivalled contacts with international lawyers and trusted experts, with whom we maintain exceptional working relationships, allow us to engage with such proceedings in the most efficient way. A successful strategy of defence is the cooperation with local lawyers in other jurisdictions who can provide invaluable information about their country’s criminal justice system. Equally importantly, our affiliates take the initiative and take steps that will definitely help our clients by negotiating a discontinuance of the proceedings, a reduction of the charges or sentence, or release on bail if the individual is extradited.

Our extradition lawyers have a deep practical knowledge of the defences available to contest extradition requests. They have represented individuals whose extradition has been requested by a wide range of countries. They are adept and always ready to offer dedicated, professional and high-quality advice. Our team’s innovation and determination has enabled us to devise creative solutions and achieve outstanding success for our clients and resounding judgments in the extradition court.

We are ready to use our legal expertise to assist you in the best way possible. We have a strong commitment to keep our clients regularly informed and strive the best possible outcome for them.


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