Family Law

It is recognisable that marriage breakdowns can become extremely stressful for clients and their emotions run high at this difficult period of their lives, which makes the process even harder for themselves.

At our Firm we step in our clients’ shoes, whatever the circumstances are, to fully understand the situation that they are facing. We do understand that some matters may be more sensitive than usual, thus we show our empathy in such situations.

We aim to provide support and guidance to make the situation more manageable, whilst offering first class advice. Our initial approach is to try and resolve matters through mediation, keeping the process simpler whilst avoiding the costs, stress and uncertainty of litigation.

However, where mediation is not effective or appropriate, we take a pro-active approach to navigate the Court process, whilst obtaining a swift and satisfactory conclusion to meet the clients’ objectives to the greatest extent.

In any case, whether going through the mediation process or the Court process all our well-experienced lawyers always show strong commitment in every case to safeguard the clients’ interests with utmost care and professionalism.

Covered areas: divorce procedures, child custody procedures, maintenance and care disputes, adoption procedures and asset separation procedures.


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