Interpol Red Notice

A red notice is an alert issued by Interpol at the request of one of its member countries, indicating that the country seeks the individual’s provisional arrest with a view to extradition. Red notices are recorded on Interpol’s databases for instant circulation to police forces and border agencies globally. Sometimes a client may not be the subject of extradition proceedings but is concerned about the risk of arrest on a red notice if an international border is crossed. Whilst some red notices will be published on the Interpol website, often a person will be unaware that a notice has been issued.

The practical and reputational impact of an extant red notice is devastating and far-reaching. It can render individuals virtual prisoners in their country of residence. Some of the consequences of such notice can be: closure of bank accounts due to anti-money laundering laws, compulsory disclosures by regulated persons, etc.

Each case has its unique circumstances which determine our multi-faceted approach which engages with an effective strategy for challenging a red notice. Here at Pelecanos & Pelecanou LLC we have developed an unrivalled depth of knowledge in this particular and challenging area of Law. Our history records have demonstrated that our team of lawyers are more than capable in presenting potent and effective grounds why a notice should be withdrawn. Our legal opinions are being carefully crafted after many hours of thorough and extensive legal studies and research to be able to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients.

Additionally, our extensive network of affiliates globally allows us to instruct lawyers based in the state issuing the request for the red notice to retrieve useful information from the competent law enforcement agencies in order to challenge the notice validity.

Covered areas: representation for removal of Interpol red notice, proceedings to prevent the issuance of an Interpol red notice, diffusions etc.


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