Law Firms in Cyprus

Legal Benefits in Cyprus 

The strategic location, together with excellent public and private services, and an advanced telecommunications infrastructure, has made Cyprus a fully fledged international business centre.

An essential requirement for international companies as part of their day-to-day operations is to be able to rely on the services of an efficient and reputable law firm. As part of its development in recent times, Cyprus has seen a steady increase in not only the quantity, but quality of its lawyers and law firms practicing on the island.

Law Firms and Legal Synergy 

Many modern law firms have been established to help local and foreign businesses create a highly functional legal climate in which they may thrive and maximise profits. They can help to sweep aside any legal barriers that may present themselves and negatively impact on a company’s operations.

Cyprus lawyers have a wealth of knowledge and experience. Many study and train in countries such as the UK, Greece, Germany and the US. With factors such as the freedom of practice within the EU and working in a British based legal system, Cyprus lawyers can offer superior services to international companies and customers.

Quality Law Firms

A law firm will take care of all relevant documentation that a company will need to operate in Cyprus, including company registration, and act as a guide through the technicalities of the Cyprus companies act.

Due to Cyprus’ unique tax offerings, many international companies choose to locate their headquarters here. Cyprus law firms have established themselves as the leading authority to advise on the most efficient way of ensuring all legal requirements are adhered to, as well as providing for the most profitable way of operating.

Cyprus Law in a brush with Cyprus Maritime History

Cyprus has a strong maritime history and over the past few decades has successfully attracted a considerable number of important shipping companies, establishing a reputable shipping centre by combining the benefits of the sovereign flags and the high quality of services.

One important aspect for an international company operating in Cyprus is that it may encounter different barriers to trade than in other operating locations of its business. Some may not be aware of any anomalies until they fall foul of the legislation. In these circumstances, it is extremely important to be able to call on the services of a competent lawyer who can minimise the impact of any damages and make the necessary changes for future trading.

A good law firm can be the difference between success and failure.   

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