Lost Across The Sea: Shipping Law

Maritime shipping law is one of the most specialized areas of law. As a result of this fact, barristers who practice shipping law (international maritime law) are always highly sought after assets for anyone seeking to carry out business across the sea. A specialized barrister practicing shipping law can conveniently overcome basic hurdles; however some of the more complex international laws can only effectively be circumnavigated using the knowledgebase and experience of lawyers specializing in this field… so no need to be lost across the seas.

Smooth sailing doesn’t always refer to calm seas and the omission of piracy. Legal smooth sailing can only be achieved by careful planning and precise execution. It’s easy to get lost in a sea of legal documentation and red tape, which is why a specialized shipping law barrister can buy time, money and ease of mind for an entrepreneur.

There are two parts of shipping laws, contentious or non-contentious. In addition to those two parts, there are two further areas of international shipping law: “dry” shipping that is comprised of ‘bill of lading’, ‘contractual issues’, ‘charter party disputes’, and disputes on cargo damage. The second type of shipping law is ‘wet’ shipping which usually includes casualties (i.e. shipping accidents or collisions). 

The shipping industry is recession proof because of its counter-cyclical nature. This makes international shipping law and industry an excellent avenue of investment in these tough economic times.

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