CYPRUS Corporate Law

Cyprus retains its title as a reputational investment and commercial hub for investors and entrepreneurs from all around the world. The island enjoys a favourable tax regime and a wide network of double- taxation treaties with many countries. Since becoming a full member of the EU in 2004, Cyprus enjoys the use of all facilities established by EU directives for the operation of capital and payments of proceeds. As a result, Cyprus is an ideal place to take advantage of the favourable EU market.

Our firm has represented clientele ranging from local corporate entities to multinational organizations. Our corporate department offers a range of efficient services, from the incorporation of both Cyprus and foreign companies, and alternative investment vehicles to the provision of full management, administration, and operational facilities. 

Our firm’s focus has always been the creation of business relationships with affiliates around the globe for the provision of high-quality and integrated services. We pride ourselves on collaborating with lawyers and official licenced agents across multiple jurisdictions, all of whom have the local expertise and experience to support our clients in conducting their business and corporate structures.

EXPERTISE Our areas of expertise include:

  • Company formation and company administration
  • Partnership formation and dissolution
  • Corporate management services
  • Company liquidation and winding up
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Share sale and purchase agreements
  • Local and cross border mergers, acquisitions and amalgamations
  • Joint ventures and cross border transactions
  • Legal and corporate due diligence
  • Trust Settlement and trust administration