ACCESSIBILITY Cyprus International Trusts

Simply put, a trust is a fiduciary relationship between a Settlor and a Trustee under which the Trustee is entrusted to hold assets/property for the benefit of a Beneficiary. Therefore, the Trustee becomes the legal owner of the Trust Property, but at the same time the Beneficiary is recognised as the Beneficial Owner of the Trust Property under Trust Law.  

The Cyprus International Trust Law has undergone major reform, and its most recent amendment, introduced in early 2012 has transformed the Cyprus Trust regime into the most modern and favourable trust regime in Europe. The new law clarifies grey areas and removes restrictions and limitations that are no longer necessary while the foundations of the law remained intact. More specifically, it further enhances the Cyprus International Trust and makes it more workable, accessible and effective, creating an infrastructure for Cyprus to emerge as a major trust jurisdiction.

Our Trusts Services include:

  • Trust Creation & Administration
  • Trustee & Protector Services
  • Trust Re-Domiciliation
  • Trust Related Advisory