Our firm provides their expertise services in both personal and corporate insolvency, and advise insolvency practitioners, funders, debtors, creditors, business stakeholders and individuals on the management and recovery of debt and assets.

Our insolvency team focuses on understanding the client’s needs and priorities, assess and diagnose the issues, stabilise the client’s position and provide practical, proactive advice to secure the best possible resolution. Further to the above advice, our insolvency solicitors can assist you in making or defending claims and efficiently resolve your disputes.

Our services include:

  • Avoiding insolvency if you’re in financial difficulty
  • Going through formal or informal insolvency, restructuring, bankruptcy, or administration
  • Negotiating repayment agreements with your creditors or debtors
  • Recovering money owed by an insolvent individual or company
  • Dealing with Inland Revenue investigations
  • Resolving disputes if you own shares in an insolvent company
  • Protecting family assets if a family member is insolvent
  • Purchasing assets from insolvency estates
  • Structuring transactions to manage the risk of other parties becoming insolvent.
  • Insolvency litigation