HARMONIZATION Personal Data Protection(GDPR)

Automated storage of personal data, the rise of cross-border trade and the recent telecommunication developments which empower business to process data on an international scale, called for new standards. Many Human Rights Laws, early Regulations, International Conventions & Guidelines have inadequately attempted in the past to facilitate the harmonization of data protection Laws between countries. The GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 on the protection of natural persons to processing of personal data, was enacted as a modernised framework to ensure a consistent approach. Being a Regulation, it is directly applicable to all EU member states without having the need to be transported into national Law. Its aim is to strike a balance; to allow individuals to exercise control over their personal data whilst allowing the free international flow of data to support international trade (without creating barriers - uninterrupted flow of data across national borders). Additionally, the Regulation intends to further reconcile protecting individuals’ privacy rights and freedoms.

GDPR affects all organisations (both data controllers and data processors) which deal with data of individuals in the EU in their day – to – day business. The Regulation operates in an anticipatory basis (with the introduction of the concept of accountability) thus requesting from organisations to be able to demonstrate compliance and be transparent in all their practices. Therefore, appropriate steps need to be taken by them to ensure that they completely adhere to the provisions of the new Regulation and that they are ready to assist their data subjects (clients) in exercising their privacy rights.  

Pelecanos & Pelecanou LLC is committed to protect its clients’ privacy and handle their data in an open and transparent manner. Alongside, the Firm has most recently started to offer consultation services and advice in the data protection field, steadily expanding its services to the creation, design and implementation of Data Protection Management Systems.