Shipping and Maritime Law

The Republic of Cyprus has become a significant shipping and trade centre, due to its advantageous geographical position, as a crossroad between three continents, such making it one of the largest and most active location in the maritime industry.

Our firm consists of a solid team of lawyers who are able to assist in all aspects and legal issues of shipping and maritime law, always seeking to represent the clients and their best interests in the most subtle and effective of ways.

Simultaneously, our team has the specialist experience to understand your business needs and the capacity to handle all areas of shipping litigation work and our focus is always to find the most efficient solution to any dispute.

The Republic of Cyprus attracts shipowners for their vessel’s registration mainly for:

  • Attractive and transparent Tonnage Tax System, providing exemptions to the beneficiaries (e.g. owners of Cyprus ships, owners of foreign ships, charters and ship managers) from income tax.
  • No income tax on the earnings of officers and crew members and master of a qualifying Cyprus ship.
  • No tax on the income or profit made from the sale of a qualifying ship.
  • No tax on profits from the operation or management of a Cypriot registered vessel or on dividends received from a ship-owning company.

SERVICES Our services include:

  • Registration of ships / registration under the Cyprus flag
  • Establishment of shipping companies
  • Shipping-related contracts / newbuilding contracts
  • Registration of mortgages – Financing
  • Carriage of goods by sea 
  • Bills of lading
  • Arbitration and mediation
  • Bunker disputes
  • Cargo loss and damage
  • General average disputes
  • International trade and commodities
  • Maritime fraud investigation and litigation
  • Ship sale and purchase disputes
  • Unsafe port and berth disputes
  • Vessel sharing, slot charter and pooling agreements.