Gaming License

The gaming industry is pretty lucrative business in Cyprus. It is no wonder then that a lot of people want the gaming license in order to operate their website or business in a way that complies with the, and without significantly impeding on your bottom line. We have experience in this field and as such, we have valuable and important know-how that we pass along to our clients. 

The gaming license is itself deeply intertwined with the law, giving the need for technicalities and workarounds to be sought-out before the business model can be set in stone. Only a firm with has as much knowledge of the law as we have could truly make sure that the law is fully respected when operating a gaming business in Cyprus.

The feasibility of operating with a gaming license in Cyprus will not go away, and all figures and trends show that it's an exciting expanding market with interesting twists along the way. If you want to acquire a gaming license and do so without encountering teething roadblocks then we are just the people for your demands.

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