Corporate Law

Undeniably, Cyprus retains its title as one of the most reputational investment and commercial hubs for investors and entrepreneurs from all around the world. The island enjoys a favourable tax regime and a wide network of double- taxation treaties with a large number of countries. Since becoming a full member of EU in 2004, Cyprus enjoys the use of all the facilities established by EU directives for the operation of capital and payments of proceeds. As a result, Cyprus is an ideal place as far as exploiting the EU market is concerned.

The firm has an extensive and expanding clientele ranging from local corporate entities to multinational organizations. Our Corporate department offers efficient services commencing with incorporation of Cyprus, foreign Companies and alternative investment vehicles to provision of full management, administration and operational facilities. We are proud to present ourselves as expertise on these matters as since the foundation day of our Firm, we continue to offer consulting services on a diverse spectrum of businesses on corporate and commercial matters.

The corporate team will make sure that your legal entity complies with the latest legal and regulatory requirements. Our team always follows a transparent approach and therefore our clients are informed on every aspect and in every stage of their entity’s life cycle.  

Our Firm’s focus has always been the creation of business relationships with affiliates around the globe for the provision of high-quality and integrated services. We pride ourselves in cooperating with lawyers and Official Licenced Agents across multiple jurisdictions who have the local expertise and experience to support you conducting your business and corporate structures.

We strive to honour your enquiries and requests in a timely fashion using the most efficient method. Our approach focuses on a highly proactive and pragmatic practice to problem solving. We are more than happy to see that on every occasion, our clients are satisfied with the solution presented to them, which of course is tailormade on their circumstances, taking into account the context of their business and the jurisdictions in which they operate. Every structure has different needs and thus we never commoditise our advice. We work on the basis that if we help our clients to be successful, we will be successful.

Covered areas: Incorporation of Companies (both locally and internationally), formation of Partnerships, provision of Administration Services, provision of Nominee Services, provision of Registered Office Services, provision of Substance, formation of Trusts, redomiciliation of companies, structural changes, allocation/transfer/alternation of share capital, opening of corporate accounts in local Banks and international Banking Institutions.


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